How to get a satin Smooth pot like an antique cast iron pot?

How to get a satin Smooth pot like an antique cast iron pot?

  • 2021-09-06
  • By Geovein

Why are polishing pans so popular among fans of cast iron cooking utensils?  Please check the following reasons.

  1.  At present, almost all the high-grade fever naked cast iron kitchenware that can be bought are polished, the process is different, but the interior is all smooth, I have not found a counterexample yet.

  2.  Almost all collectible antique pots inside have been polished, with a few exceptions such as various toys and very few models, such as the 1980s Lodge Wildlife series, Griswold Square, Griswold Chef Skillet, and so on.

  3. Try a polished pot yourself and see what's the difference, you will find why you like the polished pot!

How to smooth the cast iron skillet/ Pot in your hand? Does the new pot have to be Polished to get a smooth surface?

It depends on what effect you want: if you want the pot to reach the level of an antique pot, you really need to polish it thoroughly with power tools, because the uneven surface will partly cause the pot to stick. And it's not as easy to clean as a smooth surface when cleaning. But if you just want the fried eggs to be non-sticky, then use sandpaper and sodium hydroxide solution to remove the pre-seasoning layer that is done at the factory, but please kindly pay attention, please wear an industrial mask when grinding. The new sticky pot is basically the problem of the factory layer pre-seasoning, if removed, reopening can solve most of the problems.

How to smooth the cast iron skillet/ Pot in your hand
In short, if it is not polished, it can be used, and it is better to polish it thoroughly.

Do-it-yourself polishing method, refer to the following link video.

In order to avoid your painstaking efforts, Geovein cast iron cookware company has developed newly polished cookers (Satin Smooth Cast Iron Skillet and dutch oven), every pot/ skillet are carefully polished, grind and processed by every cast iron craftsman, pure natural grape seed oil pre-seasoned. It feels like an antique pot, as well as some advanced cast iron kitchen utensils produced by contemporary studios, such as Finex, Smithey, Marquette Castings, Lancaster Cast Iron, Field, and so on. You will know this when you play with it, and you will find the difference when you look back at the supermarket goods.