What is the best frying pan material

What is the best frying pan material

  • 2021-09-13
  • By Geovein

When it comes to choosing cookware one of the most important aspects to consider is what material the cookware is made from.

Cast iron can take high heats for searing steaks and can keep in that heat or keep oil hot to deep-fry chicken


High Heat Retention -  Once a cast iron frying pan is hot, it will keep that heat longer than other metals. This makes cast iron great for quick sears or a slow-cooked stew at low heat.

Naturally Non-Stick - Cast iron frying pans can develop a natural non-chemical coating that acts as a non-stick surface

Adds Minerals to Dishes -  Using a cast iron frying pan does transfer some amounts of iron (an essential mineral) into your diet as well


Not Heat Reactive - Cast iron frying pans have slow reaction times to heat. This cookware is slow to heat up and slow to cool down, which is not good if you're trying to do fast precise cooking that depends on a variable amount of temperatures.

Transfers Flavors - Cast iron frying pan can hold flavors from what you cook and naturally season your food- It's great for foods like burgers, but lighter tasting foods can pick up too much of the natural seasoning of the pan.

Special Care Needed - Bare cast iron can rust and lose it's non-stick properties if not cared for properly, special washing and maintenance is required, and there are special tools on the market to make this easier for even the novice cook.


Geovein Suggestion:

Cast iron is the best frying pan material for heat retention. These very heavy-duty pans keep in heat which makes it perfect for deep-frying and searing steaks. Cast iron frying pan can be used for generations when correctly cleaned and maintained. When properly seasoned, your frying pan can take on non-stick properties and will give your food a unique flavor that can’t be reproduced with other types of pans. Use cast iron anywhere from the stove straight to the oven or even over a campfire. Almost all modern cast iron typically has a rough bumpy surface whereas Geovein cast iron has a machine-smoothed surface. Geovein developed a high-quality smooth surface, similar to a famous brand. Seasoning and proper cleaning is necessary. Cast iron is not dishwasher or soap safe. Soaps destroy the naturally built-up oils on the frying pan and can cause rust. Due to the thickness and material of the pan, it does take a while to heat up and to cool down.

GEOVEIN's Recommended Essential Cast Iron Frying Pans

Naturally non-stick satin-smooth polished finish 12inch cast iron skillet
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Naturally non-stick satin-smooth polished finish 12inch cast iron skillet

  • Model: GV-12
  • Material: Cast Iron
  • Size: 8inch 10inch 12inch
  • Surface: Vegetable oil coating
Geovein focuses on new technology and new product development. The new satin-smooth surface could be given you a distinguished use feeling. The satin-smooth surface gives it a natural non-sti
Nonstick Cast Iron Frying Pan Set Of 3
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Nonstick Cast Iron Frying Pan Set Of 3

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  • Size: Customized Size
  • Surface: Vegetable oil coating,Non-stick,Pre-seasoned
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