Notice Matters Of Use The Geovein Enamel Cast Iron Products

Notice Matters Of Use The Geovein Enamel Cast Iron Products

  • 2021-04-01
  • By Geovein

Notice matters of use the Geovein enamel cast iron pot

1. You can use the dishwasher, but it is not recommended for frequent use.

2. After using the pot, please do not flush the hot pot directly with cold water or put it in the refrigerator, In order to avoid the loss of enamel porcelain and shorten the service life of the pot that it should be cooled naturally.

3. It is recommended that you use a sponge or a scouring pad and Regular detergent for water cleaning. Do not use bleach, polish, or other corrosive detergents, and do not use cleaning tools such as steel wire balls to avoid damage to the cooker.


4. After use, It's a normal phenomenon when have white spots or colored speckles in the inner wall of the pot, The reason is that food starch or minerals in the heating process in the attached to the wall surface, it will not affect the use of POTS and cooking effect. You can use Cleaning with special cleaning detergent for pot, apply a little cooking oil after cleaning.

5.Whether using ordinary detergent or special cleaning detergent for pot, rinse the pan thoroughly with clean water, and make sure to dry pots inside and outside with dry cleaning cloth.

6.Scrubbing a clean pan, open the lid, or put a dry clip on the top of the pan, place it in a dry place, and let it dry then store it.

7. In long-term storage, a little cooking oil can be used to apply the surface and the edge of the pot to maintain the function.Do not stack with each other when the pot is stored, avoid wear of enameled porcelain surface.

8. Please place the pot in a stable place, avoid  the falling of the pan, causing the enamel porcelain to fall off, or the cooker is broken.

9. You should usually check the lid knob to see if it is loose and ensure safe cooking.

10. A good pot, used properly can lengthen the service life, conversely, will shorten the service life. Please pay attention to the use of Geovein enamel cast iron pot to ensure proper use.